Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Now How the Heck is this Possible?!

I was so proud of myself ... between 28 and 32 weeks ... do you know how much weight I gained? I'll tell you ... a total of 2 FREAKIN' POUNDS ... I was like, "I'm the sh@t (pardon my French for those of you with sensitive ears)!"

Now ... between weeks 33 and 35? 4 FREAKIN' POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where does that put me? An ugly 26 pounds total which is where I wanted to be on the day I give birth to this little girl ... honestly, when I was on vacation, I ate like there was no tomorrow ... and now, I don't have much of an appetite ... I have to make myself eat sometimes ... and in the last couple of weeks ... there have been a few instances in which I only ate one meal in a day ... HUGE meal mind you but one meal nonetheless ... historically, that's caused me significant weight gain (slowed down my metabolism) ... I'm wondering if that's the culprit again ...

I know that "grazing" is better than eating HUGE meals ... I'll try but honestly, this "alone" crap makes it difficult sometimes ... in addition to my "full" feeling these days, sometimes I'm just freakin' tired ... I don't feel like cookin' ... I don't feel like preparing much of anything for myself ... bad momma, I know ... its hard not having anyone around consistently to lend a hand :( I can't wait for hubby and I to be in the same house again ... it's no fun being pregnant alone sometimes ...

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