Friday, February 12, 2010

::jumping up and down!!!!!!::

Image I: soft pink, green, lavender, cream, and a baby blue
one that was passed down to me from another mama

Oh my goodness (jumping up and down) ... I received the ULTIMATE delivery today! Artsyfartsyfoofoo!!!! My milk maids came!!!! I've got both the regular milk maids as well as the "luxury" milk maids in my stash! I couldn't be more excited ... I've been squeezing them, holding them close to my heart, rubbing them on my face ... heck, I've even tried them on ... they're so SOFT ... they're the most amazing reusable nursing pads that I've ever seen. All of the hype? Completely well deserved. I'm so excited and thankful ... yes thankful for my milk maids ... I can't wait to use them ... Jennifer ... if you're out there ... girl you've done a wonderful thing for breastfeeding mamas!

Image 2: tried to capture the super soft underbelly
of a luxury set

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