Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fluffy Mail ... Decisions, Decisions ...

Boy, this cloth diapering thing can really take a lot out of you ... for one, recently I had an "epiphany of sorts." I purchased 24 used size 0 kissaluvs (newborn fitted cloth diapers) from a momma in Houston, Texas on craigslist ... I know ... a little taboo (some have had less than positive experiences with purchasing on craigslist) but honestly, it worked out great for me. Not a stain to speak of (they were "beautiful") ... and the price ... lets just put it this way ... these diapers ended up setting me back less than $5 a piece (usually retail for $12.95 a piece) ... including shipping! SCORE! Again, thanks momma!

Anyway, I digress ... one of the reasons that I chose kissaluvs was because of their nice slender fit and just overall ability to keep "everything" inside (pretty absorbent), etc. PLUS, they have a "cut out (or a snap down)" in the middle so that the diaper won't rub umbilical cords! EXCELLENT! Well, this was definitely one of the reasons that I was completely sold on the kissaluvs ... the allowance for the cord.

Well, that was months ago that I selected and ultimately purchased these diapers. Recently, though ... I came to realize that the covers that I had purchased (thirsties duos) don't have a "cut out" per say to accommodate healing umbilical cords! AHHHHH! I kinda freaked out ... like the diaper won't rub and irritate my baby's cord but the cover might. Anyway, from then on, I was on the hunt for a "umbilical cord safe" diaper cover ... asked a few mommas and I was given a few recommendations ... the prorap and bummis super brite!

I figured that I don't need too many ... maybe 4 - 5 at the most and so, I was on the hunt for some used ones ... they're actually not that expensive (e.g., proraps purchased new are about $8.95 a piece). However, why not save myself some money. So, I found some used ones for $5 (both bummis and proraps) on ... excellent! After corresponding with the momma seller a few times on the site, I purchased and received them in the mail a couple days later! They're perfect! Couldn't be happier! Thanks Momma! WooHoo! "Catastrophe" averted. The only thing that I'm not happy about ... excited about is the fact that with the proraps, there is no laundry tab, which when I prepped them was a little bit of an annoyance but all and all, no biggy.

THEN, another issue ... what are the best "night time" cloth diapers ... to this question, I've consistently received three recommendations including:

bububebes (

goodmamas (

Sustainablebabyish (AKA sbish)

So, in usual fashion, I started checking out any online adds for a few used bububebes and goodmamas ... I chose these two instead of sbish just because I seemed to have more success with finding them used (EUC). Again, I found a few on ... waiting to receive them in the mail. Oh, the excitement!


  1. i have tried GM and Sbish. i liked both but found the best value for money with the Kissaluvs Marvels fitteds. they are one size, have bamboo lining and are super-duper absorbent AND are cheaper than both of these. in fact i sold all my GM's and convereted to Marvels. i can put my heavy wetter 8 month old in them at night for 10 hours straight, without any leaks.
    sold at - new and seconds.

  2. Oooooh ... thanks! I've never heard of them ... I'm definitely going to take a look ... ***runs to check out Marvels***