Thursday, October 29, 2009

Protein in My Urine?!

Well, went to the doctor today for my normal monthly. All together ... I've gained 13 pounds ... oh the horror ... she said it's likely that I'll end up between 24 - 26 pounds which she says isn't bad but I'm not a small girl to begin with so the thought of having gained 24 - 26 pounds ... well ... it's a little difficult to swallow.

She also had a chance to read my little lady's ultrasound results from last week when I had the anomaly ultrasound at 20 weeks. It appears that my baby girl is totally "symmetrical" ... which she says is a little unexpected but great nevertheless. Apparently, its not uncommon for babies at this time to be measuring a little small or large in certain areas (head, legs, arms, etc.) but nope ... our baby gurl is right on track. Her heartbeat is great and yep as my doctor says, "still a baby in there." Also, my blood pressure was excellent ... as usual ... however, there's a BUT ... see below ...

Now ... for the not so great news ... after receiving answers to my usual list of questions, she asked how I was doing etc. One of my complaints, besides recent tummy ache and diarrhea (sorry folks ... I know ... a little too much info), I told her that I had experienced a couple of episodes of "seeing stars" which in my case, is typically associated with elevated blood pressure ... which I've been known to have in the past. But, since I've been pregnant, my blood pressure has been freakishly excellent. Anyway, she wasn't really too happy to hear about this and she said that in my urine analyses that I have with ever visit, there there is a little bit of elevated protein ... most recently +1. Long story short, she ordered a 24 hour Urine Protein Test ... fun ... so tomorrow morning, I start collecting my urine for the next 24 hours, I drop it back off at the doctor's office on Saturday morning, and at that time, I'll have bloodwork done. She said that sometimes, the little bit of elevated protien is associated with some minor kidney damage, sometimes, preeclampsia, etc. So, we'll have to weed through all of that.

I found this website about the test and elevated protein ... a little scary ...

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