Monday, October 12, 2009

The Growing Secrets of a Little Lady

I'm so excited ... today, I'm officially 19 weeks pregnant ... it seems like the time is going by so fast but so slow ... it's amazing to me that there's so much progress from ... well ... literally day to day in terms of my little lady's growth ... it was at the tail end of my 16th week that I started feeling her move ... from time to time ... and then all of a sudden, she's as active as can be ... I have to admit that I'm really looking forward to being able to feel her kick ... instead of the (honestly) really strange "fish swimming" in my belly that I feel ... BUT ... DON'T GET ME WRONG ... I COULDN'T BE MORE THANKFUL ... and it is definitely exciting every time ... just feels a little strange :D

Week Nineteen: Genitals recognizable

19 weeks pregnant. (fetal age 17 weeks)
  • Fetus is around 6.5 inches (17cm) and 9 ounces (250gm).
  • Your placenta continues to grow and nourish the baby.
  • Features of your baby's heart, should be visible during an ultrasound.
  • Your baby's genitals are distinct and recognizable.
  • Scalp hair has sprouted and continues to grow.
My little lady's uterus has started to develop, her vagina, uterus, and fallopian tubes are in place. Females have a limited supply of eggs in their lifetime. At this point our daughter will have 6 million eggs. This amount decreases to approximately one million by birth.

Her legs are reaching their relative size and with the increase muscle development occurring as well, I'm excited to learn that soon I'll start feeling much more than tiny flutter kicks. Our baby will increase its weight by more than 15 times between now and delivery. Crazy!

I'm counting the seconds until my big ultrasound next week ... I couldn't help but have an "elective ultrasound" weekend before last ... and the technician said that she's a she ... Kristopher of course is in New Orleans and because of numerous meetings, etc. he won't be able to fly in to Chicago to accompany me to my appointment ... but my mom however will be here next Wednesday the 21st ... she decided that it would be fun for us to do this together ... I'm thankful she decided to fly in ... the ultrasound is next day ... the 22nd. I can't wait to see her and to see my little one ... I'm hoping for no "change in sex" and for a "healthy looking ultrasound."

Other than that ... all is well ... but ... I've been eating like a beast ... I can't seem to get enough of anything ... I'm sure I've gained too much wait ... I don't know what's the matter ... its not only "sweet treats" but in general ... extra large helpings of whatever ... ahhh

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