Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Momma the Southern Cook!

So, my mom came to visit this weekend since Kristopher wasn't able to fly up for my "big ultrasound" ... congenital anomaly ultrasound ( ... oh and of course we were able to "confirm" our "elective ultrasound," which had technically already told us that we're having a little girl :D ... but always great to have another opinion ... anyway, not only did mom purchase the baby's crib, mattress, dresser, and chest of drawers but I purchased the baby's infant car seat ( But "most important" (not really but it was certainly one of the many perks of seeing her) was her freezable dinners! WooHoo! Yep ... she got in the kitchen and "rattled some pots!" All I had to do was section them off into freezable serving sizes ... One of my favorites? Her baked macaroni and cheese ... a vegetarian's heaven! Oh, and the baby's too ... but then again, it seems that the baby is greedy :D ... she does flips when I eat ... well ... pretty much anything!

Thank you momma ... I LOVE YOU!

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