Saturday, October 10, 2009

Growth ... and inappropriate comments ...

Boy ... am I coming along ... that picture was taken 10/9/09 ... I was exactly 18 weeks and 4 days ... that's me and the little one in a Starbucks bathroom ... :D I thought it would be cute to send a quick pic to the husband ... his response, "damn, you're officially a pregnant momma." A little background, Kristopher recently accepted an epidemiologist position for the Department of Public Health in another state. So, fortunately but unfortunately, we're living apart and commuting back and forth to see one another ... lots of frequent flyer miles. He moved labor day weekend and even though there have been many years in which we carried on a long distance relationship due to graduate school, it's particularly hard now that we're married and I'm pregnant :(

Now for the inappropriate comments for the week:
  1. I posted the pic above on facebook ... I guess I was just asking for something like this to happen ... everyone was so sweet ... "how cute!," "you're one hot momma!," etc. but then there was the one guy who commented on my wall ... and I do quote: "Wow! How far along are you ... my wife is 7 months and you're bigger than her!"
  2. One of my coworkers ... on Wednesday walked into my office (I usually keep my office door closed) and says as I was sitting at my desk, "wow, you're fat ... Elizabeth wasn't that big at your stage of the game" ... now the kicker ... this coworker was a 62 year old woman!

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