Sunday, October 11, 2009

One decision down ... a million more to go ...

So, I decided on the Munire Savannah for the baby ... actually, we're going with the chest (in cherry in the left pic) and the dresser (in linen in right pic) ... which as you can see in the picture currently has the changing area on top ... I didn't want to invest in an actual changing table ... we won't use it for very long and then what would we do with it ... I didn't think it was the most economical purchase and so we opted out ... all of the furniture will be in cherry. I wanted to find a good quality furniture that would last ... now the crib ... I only want it to be safe .... I've had a hard time "committing" to a convertible bed as a potential long-term option and so, I've just decided to go with a really economical yet safe crib (to be determined) ... the Munire furniture will be a little bit of a splurge but my mom has decided that she'll purchase the baby's furniture.

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