Monday, December 28, 2009

What's in a bag?

So, a poster on a board that I frequent (smile) asked about hospital bags tonight ... got me to thinking ... what goes in a hospital bag ... what will I absolutely need ... this is what I'm considering:

1. My breast pump
2. 3 pair of non-slip socks (good for pacing the hospital halls)
3. 2 nursing bras
4. Boppy
5. camera
6. camcorder w/extra battery
7. book (horror preferably ... not that I'll actually be focused enough at any point during my stay to read ... but just in case)
8. change of clothes to wear home and shoes
9. rolling pin and/or tennis balls (great pain relief during labor ... or so I've heard)
10. breast pads
11. a few snacks - will probably be hungry after labor and the caf could be closed
12. toiletries (toothbrush, hand cream, toothpaste, aquaphor, body wash, dental floss, facial soap and moisturizer, deodorant, ponytail holders, makeup including lip moisturizer)
13. heavy flow sanitary napkins
14. nipple cream
15. my pillow
16. towels (beach ... assuming that will be the only kind of towel that will go around me at that point, washcloth)
17. 3 sets of PJs
18. cellphone and charger
19. ipod
20. robe
21. 3 pair of underwear
22. hard candy for dry mouth ...
23. insurance card (though I'm preregistered)/change/cash/credit card/ID
24. contact list
25. prenatal vitamins

I'm not sure what I'm missing but this seems like a lot ... huhm ...

Well now that brings me to baby ... what do I need for HER bag?

1. bringing home outfit
2. socks
3. winter hat (it will be FREEZIN' in Chicago)
4. snowsuit (again ... cold)
5. car seat
6. scratch mittens (don't want her to scratch that pretty face of hers with her tiny nails)
7. 2 receiving blankets
8. 24 cloth diapers (kissaluvs, size 0) and 6 covers? Might be overkill ...
9. "just hear" outfit/birthday shirt for baby to wear when she gets here
10. undershirt

Huhm ... I'll keep thinking on this one ...

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