Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Eden's Baby ...

I was searching the internet for Northern Essence Natural Diaper Rash Salve for sensitive skin ... obviously I don't yet have a baby out in the world who would be experiencing diaper rash and knock on wood ... hope she never gets it but in the event that she does, I want to be prepared ... and prepared with something that's natural, won't irritate her skin, and won't stain her cloth diapers :D

Anyway, during my search, I found this website ( the cutest silver fingerprint charm ...
It's a free-form fingerprint pendant charm made from actual fingerprints! They send you this special clay that during the firing process, the water and binder burn away allowing metal particles to fuse together. The end result produces a solid .999 silver.

Once you send in your fingerprinted clay, a silver pendant comes back to you made from the actual fingerprint that you imprinted into the clay!

The process looks like this:

You remove the sealed silver package from the small kraft envelope and it tear open carefully. You then unfold and invert the plastic to remove the clay. Working quickly, you gently knead the clay to soften it and re-shape it into a ball.

Then you place the reshaped ball of clay between the layers of mylar square.

Using something hard, flat and smooth, you then press down on the top of the clear flap until the clay is approximately the size of a dime or penny. This helps to remove any unwanted lines.

Lift the clear mylar flap slowly, and using firm pressure, press downward with the finger into the flattened clay. Press hard enough to see the clay squish out from the finger without pressing the clay too thin. Do not roll the finger. Babies and small children have very fine ridges and may require extra firm pressure. The ridges may also be difficult to see.

Lift the finger slowly and gently to see the print. You should only go through the process once for the best results. It is not recommended to re-do the print. Expect some irregularities.

Then you remove the clear flap and leave the imprinted clay on the silver mylar to dry undisturbed overnight. The print will slide off when completely dry. Place dried fingerprint in the provided jewelry box and return along with the form that is included in the package. And that's it!

Your print will be fired, finished with a silver jump ring, hand-stamped with the initials you specify, polished and mailed back to you at the address you provided within four to six weeks.

I think I have to have one and I'm definitely getting one for the grandmothers!

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