Friday, December 25, 2009


With Milkies Milk Saver you're supposedly able to nurse anywhere without worrying about leaks or uncomfortable nursing pads. Even better, its supposed to allow you to collect your leaking breast milk while you're nursing on the other side.

The Milk Saver slips into your bra cup on the non-nursing side or the side that you're pumping, and position the center hole over your nipple. Any milk that leaks will collect in the bottom of the cup. When you're done, you just have to pour the milk into whatever container you want to store it in. They say that you can also attach a breastmilk storage bag to the inside plastic piece with a rubber band, and allow your breastmilk to collect directly into the bag. BUT ... I've also heard that if the rubber band slips off, which could happen if the bag got very heavy, you'd have a big mess, plus a lot of wasted milk.

Milkies Milk-Saver is a flexible container made to fit inside a bra or tank top to collect breastmilk that leaks from the side not being nursed or pumped. Some women do leak a lot of breastmilk that is otherwise wasted, so for some, this could be a useful product. It does work well, though for public use it's a bit bulky and would probably be a hassle to get into place without attracting attention. Most breastfeeding moms probably could skip the Milk-Saver, but for moms who have a low breastmilk supply, every drop counts, so the Milk-Saver could be extremely useful there. If you struggle with supply or you're concerned with not having a big enough freezer stash, Milkies Milk-Saver could be a helpful product for you. If you have plenty of milk or don't leak much from the non-nursing side or you don't save breastmilk at all, you probably don't need a Milk-Saver.

Fits variety of breast sizes & shapes well.
Saves breastmilk that would otherwise be wasted.
Comes with a travel case.
Non-leaching materials are 3rd-party tested for safety.
Recyclable when you're done using the product.
Costs about $25

Not dishwasher safe.
Not terribly discreet. Hard to use in public.
Probably not necessary for most breastfeeding moms with a good supply.

Huhm ... I'll keep it in mind ...

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