Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I take it back ...

So, remember when I pre-ordered the 2010 edition of the UppaBaby Vista stroller for my little lady back in October? Well, at that time, I was told that the stroller would be shipped mid to late January. I decided to call today to check the status ... during my conversation with customer service, I was told that they had recently struck a deal with the UppaBAby company in which case they were able to order 50 black and several other color 2009 UppaBaby vistas at a discounted price ... the rep indicated that my pre-ordered 2010 edition of the stroller would ship between January 7th and the 15th but if I was interested in taking advantage of the discounted price of the 2009 edition, now is the time to let them know.

After lots of "humming and hawing," I decided to save myself $200! I went back and did the research on the "significant changes" that were to be made to the 2010 edition of the stroller and honestly, I don't think that the changes are worth $200. I called them back to let them know to change my order and that I'd like to go ahead and order the 2009 edition! Score ... AND it shipped today!

Here are the "biggest changes:"
  1. Added 0-position seat angle adjustment –allowing for upright seat position (biggest complain was that baby had to always be reclining a little unless she or he pulled themselves forward on the bar ... which I actually see babies do all the time).
  2. Extended seat height to accommodate taller children (1.5 inches taller)
  3. a little more padding in the seat ...
  4. break system is a little easier to work

I think she'll live :D

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