Sunday, December 6, 2009

"And breath ..."

I received my "Great Expectations Weekend Program" confirmation letter! Woohoo! Kristopher will be flying in from New Orleans to attend this all day Saturday class (8:30 - 4:30 pm w/a 60 minute lunch break at 11:45) ... February 6th, 2010 to be exact ... that also happens to be my 35th birthday and I'll be 35 weeks along ... woohoo for the #35!

It's a childbirth class that's sponsored by Prentice Women's Hospital & Maternity Center (Northwestern Memorial Hospital) where I'll be delivering my lil lady. The class is a program that takes the best of Lamaze, the best of Bradley, and combines that with some Yoga and stress reduction techniques to give you and your partner the tools necessary to have the best birth experience possible. You'll learn the most current information about anesthesia options, cesarean birth, common labor and delivery interventions and postpartum care. This class is taught by certified childbirth educators who are also experienced Labor and Delivery and Postpartum nurses. I'll also be taking the Infant/Pediatric CPR and Safety class as well as the Best Beginning Breast Feeding class. Kristopher already knows infant CPR so he won't be joining me ...

Its kinda funny because I've heard such mixed reveiws about childbirthing classes ... many don't find them to be very helpful ... and so, I had kinda put it out of my mind a little and was concentrating on the reading that I had done. But then I asked my doc at my last appointment and she kinda said, "I'm a huge advocate of the classes ... what would it hurt?" I decided to go ahead ...

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