Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What'd I do today?

Well, I have to admit that initially, I wasn't AT ALL into the 4D ultrasound thing ... honestly, most of the pics that I've seen of babies in 4D aren't that attractive ... my 16 week elective 2D ultrasound (gender determination ... couldn't wait until my 20 week "Big Ultrasound" to find out the sex) w/a 10 minute 4D "peek" didn't help matters ... I guess that's why they tell you to wait until you're about28 weeks along before you take a look at your baby in 4D ... bless my little girl's heart ... at 16 weeks, she definitely had wasn't that well developed ... or at least there wasn't much fat to speak of which didn't make for the cute and cuddly image that one might expect ...

Since, I'm in Houston for the holidays, I thought it might be kinda fun for my mom and I to take a look at my baby and her grand baby in 4D ... I decided to give it another try ... couldn't be more excited! Here are a few images from today's 4D ultrasound!

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