Friday, November 13, 2009

Big and Beautiful ...

So, first of all, I want to say "thank you" to the ladies on "the bump" ... good lookin' out girls! I received a 30% off coupon that I can use multiple times (in store) and once online at Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, etc. ... most importantly, Old Navy ... super cheap maternity clothes! I scored a whole wardrobe for about $200! I'm just not that interested in investing too much into maternity clothing so Old Navy was a great alternative to pricier stores and brands ... really cute tops and their jeans and slacks fit great!

Now that I've actually started purchasing maternity clothing ... at 22 weeks mind you ... I'm feeling better about my "expanding" belly ... I am actually starting to feel kinda cute :D ... Its starting to be kinda fun having perfect strangers look at my belly and smile :D ... As long as I can keep those pesky stretch marks away from my belly ... so far so good but again, lets keep our fingers crossed. I guess it was all in the fit ... I can certainly still wear my regular clothes ... well some of them ... but I feel like all of a sudden, my stomach started hardening up and was a lot bigger than before ... so its made regular clothing a bit of a "challenge" ... so again, I feel much better now that I have lots of maternity options in my wardrobe :D All of this "growth" has meant ... well to some extent saying "good bye" to my Bella Band ( ... I anticipate on continuing to use it to some extent but like my BFF, O'Meika said, "girl, you'll only wear that for a little while." Well, she was right ... but I did wear that thing religiously for about 3 months. I'm officially into maternity clothing ... sign that my little one is such a "big girl."

Bella Band

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