Thursday, November 5, 2009

Been There ... Done That ...

Been there ... done that! Finally ... I got the H1N1 shot! WooHoo! Consider me vaccinated to the fullest ... no flu here ... not swine flu or the seasonal flu ... How do I feel ... great! So far so good. I feel great physically (a little soreness around the area of my shoulder where the shot was given ... to be expected) and emotionally ... much less anxiety ... definitely has afforded me some peace of mine. I'm such a good mommy :D

But ... I will say, it was no easy feet ... here's the story ... so a couple of weeks ago, I had my last prenatal visit ... it was on a Thursday. In the days leading up to that visit, I had been persistently calling the doctor's office to find out whether or not they had received the vaccine. When I called the Monday before my Thursday visit ... which was the last call that I made, the woman who answered the phone, "strategically" did not exactly tell me whether or not the vaccine had been received but that I would "have to wait until my next visit." No problem ... totally led me to believe that "yes" they had received the vaccine and that I would be able to get it that coming Thursday. No problem. At my visit, after going through my normal list of questions, hearing the baby's heartbeat, talking about the "stars" that I had been seeing every once in a while, the slightly elevated protein in my urine, the 24 hour urine protein test that was ordered, etc., I asked about the vaccine. She replied, "Oh, we had it on Monday (when I last called)." I almost lost my mind. "But the woman who answered the phone when I called told me to wait until my next visit!!!!!" She said, "Oh well we had requested 200 and only received 20." I said, "BUT I WOULD HAVE MADE A SPECIAL TRIP TO GET THE VACCINE!!!!!!!" In the end, she told me to continue to call because they were expecting another batch and that I could just drop in.

So, the following week ... this week ... I was emotionally over it to some extent ... didn't call on Monday ... waited until Thursday. I called and this time the woman made the mistake of telling me that "yes" they had recieved the vaccine but that I would again, "need to wait until my next visit" ... which is not scheduled to take place until the 19th! Uh ... I DON'T THINK SO. We went back and forth and finally I demanded that she either speak with the doctor to confirm that I could in fact drop in or let me speak with the doctor. Needless to say, I recieved the vaccine that day. Huhhh ... exhausting ...

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