Sunday, January 31, 2010

Natural Baby Care Recipes

So, I've become obsessed with finding organic non scented everything for baby (toiletries) ... I have no idea of what her skin will be like ... sensitive or not so I'm kinda leaning toward being safe than sorry.

As a result, I purchased Dr. Bronner's organic unscented baby - mild pure castile soap ...

I've decided to "make" her powder ... can't seem to locate anything without some sort of a scent (i.e., lavender) so I'm just going to use plain old 100% pure cornstarch ... not only is it better for baby than talc but it won't ruin her cloth diapers. HOWEVER, I've also heard that it can aggravate existing yeast infections worse so beware of use if your baby has some issues with the yeast monkey ... Of course if you'd like you could add a little something for scent:

Lavender Baby Powder
1/2 pound cornstarch
1/4 teaspoon lavender essential oil

Place cornstarch in a self-sealing plastic bag and add the essential oil drop by drop. Tightly close the bag and shake it to distribute the oil, breaking up any clumps through the bag. Let stand 4-5 days to distribute the essential oil. Use as needed. Easy!

What about baby wipe solution ... I've heard and read that most people just use plain old water as a baby wipe "solution" in a spray bottle unless baby's mess is particularly gross ... lots of poop ... in that case, you might want something a lil mo potent ...

Baby Wipe Solution
1/4 cup of baby or olive oil
2 cups of Distilled water
1/4 cup Natural baby shampoo

Mix solution together in a large bowl. Cut paper towel roll in half, using a large, sharp kitchen knife and remove center cardboard. Slosh the towels in the solution till thoroughly wet. Squeeze out excess liquid and store in an old baby wipe container.

This is the "easiest" and least ingredient recipe of I've read about and been told about ... this is likely what we'll use ...

What about a relaxing baby bath that might cut down on any diaper rash related itch? Try this ...

Oatmeal Bath
1 cup of plain oatmeal

Grind 1 cup of plain oatmeal to powder form, in a food processor or coffee grinder. Add powder to running water and stir with your hand to dissolve in the bath water. Oatmeal relives itching due to chicken pox, poison oak, diaper rash etc. Also good for dry skin. Sounds easy enough ...

Diaper rash? I've heard that the following products are great for clearing up diaper rash and are also cloth diaper friendly:
Of course there are others but these are the ones that I'm most interested in ... I've purchased the Northern Essence Diaper salve (I went with the sensitive skin product just in case) ... but honestly, I've heard that plain old olive oil is excellent for red irritated skin in the diaper area ...


  1. hey there...i heard through holistic professionals that it is actually not good to use powder??

    i found a line of eco friendly products i have purchased to test out. check them out


  2. Ooooh ... thanks! I hadn't heard that ... I'll definitely look into it ... I hadn't imagined myself using powder often ... more like something that I would have on hand just in case but no, I hadn't heard that it can be bad for baby. As for the eco friendly products website, thanks! :::runs to check it out:::