Monday, January 11, 2010

I can't stop! Eco Friendly and Such ...

So, since I began my slow journey toward living an eco friendly lifestyle ... actually initiated by my pregnancy ... I've been obsessed with second hand everything. Now I will say that I've always been into antiques ... love and can't get enough of them but its gone way beyond that. I'm constantly shopping for something eco friendly, etc. My first purchase ... cloth diapers ... used! Score ... those things are expensive and besides that ... I really, really, really like the idea of "gently loved" any and everything. I love the idea that these gently loved items have a past ... a prior owner, many memories, and that my family will be contributing to the cycle of things in this way. Its really wonderful if you think about it. I think what I love most is the fact that being pregnant has caused me to do a lot of soul searching ... my contribution (and even my baby's contribution from the very beginning) to the world and making it a great place for our little one to live, love, and be joyous.

I recently invested in some reusable produce bags, purchased eco friendly detergent and organic and eco friendly toiletries for the baby, bought some second hand clothing for my little one (e.g., wool shorties and longies to go over her diapers, etc.), recycling, purchased used books instead of new, I've been trying to make good decisions about what baby related items to purchase (where were they manufactured, etc.).

Its the little things that I can do each day that will make a contribution ... I spend much time researching what I can do in order to do my part ... I've started to do my best to live consciously (in every since of the word) each day ... I can't wait until it's "second nature" but for now ... I don't mind the extra effort.

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