Saturday, January 30, 2010

Decoratin' for Baby ...

So, a few months ago, I agonized over making decisions about the baby's nursery ... generally, I'm really into antiques and anything vintage. At least I had that part of it figured out. I knew the baby's room would have a vintage look and feel. Colors ... had no idea. I actually didn't really want pink ... but that's about all I knew ... besides the fact that I didn't want to drop a few hundred dollars on bedding for a baby ... a waste in my opinion.

One day I was in Marshall's and found the cutest bedding set ... $69.99. Yes, it was pink and green ... it was cute and so I went with it ... that's it ... no more decisions about bedding to be made. One less thing on my "to do" list to accomplish. Of course, from there, the bedding dictated what the baby's room would look like. "Vintage Romantic" was the theme.

Once I returned home from vacation and had the baby's furniture delivered ... I have to stop and say that it was awesome working with Lazar's Juvenile Furniture ... they tend to sell higher end furniture and goods but the service and quality is worth it. That's where we really spent our money ... on the furniture ... we wanted quality that would last ... I plan on having it forever ... literally. The baby's Dulailier furniture is absolutely gorgeous! The sales woman who I ALWAYS work with has a great way about her ... she's honest with her opinions, funny, and gives you her complete attention. She will spend as much time as you need with her to make decisions. The guys who delivered the furniture were sooooo helpful! They moved furniture around a few times until we got it right and made suggestions. They told me exactly how to clean the furniture and we chatted about how to protect it. Really sweet guys. The next time I was in Lazar's (purchasing a rumble tuff changing pad for the dresser and a few other items), I shared my completely satisfied experience with the manager (sales, product, and delivery).

Anyway, I digress ... like I said, I absolutely love the baby's furniture and her bedding looks perfect with the furniture (including the bumper which I actually don't plan on using ... there has been some indication that bumpers can increase the likelihood of SIDS and unfortunately, African American baby's are at a higher risk ... don't want to take any chances so I'm opting out Once the furniture and bedding were in place, I immediately wanted to get the nursery completed. The glider arrived ... everything was coming together.

I was looking for a few things at Hobby Lobby last weekend and "discovered" the garden section ... THAT'S IT! Baby's Garden! That's the theme of the baby's room ... sorta shabby chik, romantic, vintage, garden kinda feel. Perfect! Birds, bird houses, flowers, topiary, garden inspired picture frames, planters, etc. From there, all of the baby's room accessories sort of fell into place! Still much to do but I think that it's coming along nicely!

Pictures to come ...

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