Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Constant Nester ...

What have I been doing lately? Nesting from afar ... still on vacation ... though that will SOON end (will return to Chicago January 17th) but I've been persistently coming up with "projects" and purchases that "must" be completed and made.

It's been a bit challenging ... my furniture is sitting all boxed up at Lazar's Juvenile Furniture in Lincolnwood, IL ( just waiting to be delivered ... I'm dying to see it ... after all its been two months. Also, the baby's UppaBaby Vista stroller was delivered and waiting for me ... huh ... I'm conflicted ... I'm dying to see the baby's furniture and other "stuff" but loving being away from the Chicago cold ...

A few baby related "things" that I've been able to accomplish while on vacation and some not so "baby related stuff?"
  1. Prepped previously purchased used Kissaluvs (size 0), new covers (thirsties), new AOIs (thirsties), new flats, new prefolds (green mountain), new hemp inserts, etc. (introduced myself to Allen's Naturally )
  2. Purchased Olive Jane diaper covers ( - I swear her covers are ADORABLE!
  3. Purchased and prepped Fuzzibuns and BlueBerry cloth Diapers from Nurtured Family ( - cool place but kinda pricey ... but that's consistent with most cloth diapering places that I've visited
  4. Purchased and prepped a few extra prefolds from green mountain diapers (
  5. Purchased my first used and new woolies (shorties and longies) from The Children's Carousel (
  6. Washed and lanolized wool for the first time!
  7. Purchased Sheepish Grins creamy spray lanolin for prepping and adding lanolin to woolies (
  8. Purchased Northern Essence Diaper Rash salve (just in case) (
  9. Purchased some super inexpensive (New Years Eve Sale) organic BumGenius 3.0 one size cloth diapers and prepped them of course
  10. I shopped for more cloth diapers (obsession)
  11. I shopped for and my mom washed all of the baby's "new" second hand clothes (new obsession ... I swear you can find the most fabulous clothes second hand!) AND ITS ECO FRIENDLY!
  12. Made bows for my lil lady's hair
  13. Had a 3D ultrasound session - breathtaking to see her ...
  14. Gained 2 POUNDS! Honestly, no one would believe it ... I look like I actually gained about 10 pounds ... 5 weeks is a lot of time to grow but in actuality, I only gained 2 pounds and I'm sooooo proud of myself ... honestly, I ate like there was no tomorrow while I was on vacation
  15. Got to spend some great quality time with my husband - breakfast, brunch, dinner (notice the trend) watching movies (e.g., Avatar, Sherlock Holmes), coffee (no coffee for me ... more like vanilla steamers = steamed milk w/a little vanilla), etc.
  16. Checked out some great Houston vegetarian restaurants (amazing that there are such great vegetarian restaurants here) - (not completely vegetarian but EXCELLENT OPTIONS); (yum! try the Eden burger w/a side salad instead of the sweet potato fries and make it extra healthy and add an extra side of steamed kale!); oh and you have try Ruggles Green (Houston's first certified green restaurant) ...truly outstanding ... a little pricey but totally worth it ... excellent veggie burger, gorgeous fruits and veggies, and the hummus ... honestly the best I've ever had
  17. My husband's idea ... we also frequented the Chocolate Bar in West University the cake is insanely AMAZING and HUGE! The ice cream is RIDICULOUS!
  18. Visited friends and family
  19. Had my baby shower (thanks mom and Tanesia)
  20. Collected lots of baby gear coupons ... purchased a pack n play (ready for pickup at a Chicago Baby's R Us location) for 30% off and a high chair (again, ready for pickup at a Chicago Baby's R Us location)
  21. My mom purchased the baby's quilt and had it monogrammed with her name (it's a secret :D)
  22. Died some of the baby's prefold diapers (pink, lavender, turquoise) ... cute
  23. Purchased some USED childrens' books by African American authors (e.g., homemade love by bell hooks)
  24. Purchased some USED "eco friendly" related books (e.g., Eco-Friendly Families, Live an Eco-Friendly Life, Feeding Baby Green: The Earth-Friendly Program for Healthy, Safe Nutrition, etc.)
  25. Purchased a new duvet cover
  26. Mom purchased the baby a crap load of clothes and toys (we actually had to send a separate box that contained all of the newly acquired baby "stuff" to Chicago because it wouldn't fit in my suitcase ... oh to be a first time grandmother)
  27. Ate a bunch of Mexican Food ... yum ... Don Jose! My favorite Mexican restaurant since I was a child!
  28. Oh, and like I said earlier, the baby girl's furniture arrived in stock and was said to be ready for delivery whenever I returned to Chicago! Woohoo!
  29. Kept in touch with Jua (my cat's) baby sitter ... she was excellent! Frequently took pictures during her visits ... I felt comfortable knowing that my lil guy was well taken care of while I was on vacation
  30. Blogged endlessly
  31. Mom insisted on gifting me with more maternity clothes ("I have enough clothes mom!") ... I was secretly into it :D
  32. Oh and I can't forget ... I was waited on hand and foot by my mom ... :D
  33. Much more but I can't remember right now ...
It was definitely a great vacation ...

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